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Uni-form epoxy preforms sealing an electronic switch

Epoxy Preforms

For sealing electromechanical devices.

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Wash-Away dissolvable spacers spacing LEDs on a PCB.

Dissolvable Spacers

For spacing printed circuit board components.

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Poly-form flexible adhesive sealing d-sub connectors

Adhesive Films

For bonding and sealing industrial assemblies.

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Welcome to Multi-Seals, Inc. We manufacture Uni-forms precision epoxy preforms, Poly-forms flexible adhesive films, and Wash-Aways dissolvable spacers.

Uni-forms precision epoxy preforms are pre-shaped resins that are solid at room temperature. When heated, Uni-forms melt and set for consistent epoxy seals. Multi-Seals designs or selects custom configurations to match specific component designs. Close tolerances and consistent viscosity ensure repeatable results. In addition, the solid epoxy seals eliminate the drips, variations, and mess of liquid epoxies. Manual loading or automated systems rapidly dispense Uni-form with minimal operator training for faster production rates. Several epoxy systems are available to meet the requirements of a wide range of applications. Learn More.

Poly-forms flexible adhesive films and adhesive preforms are another no-mix, no-mess alternative to liquid adhesives. Poly-forms also provide rapid loading and consistent results. Their flexible form allows them to be preshaped in small to large and simple to complex seal configurations. Poly-forms are available as a flowing system for applications that require seal coverage and permeation or as a no-flow system with restricted flow for precision adhesive bond lines. Learn More.

Wash-Aways dissolving spacers position PCB components during soldering. After soldering, Wash-Aways dissolve in water or alcohol baths that remove flux, leaving uniform spacing between components and circuit boards. Learn More.

Contact us today to discuss your application, receive engineering samples, or have MSI conduct a free evaluation of your component for sealing, spacing, or bonding with our products.

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